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Water Filter System In Seagate

Local Seagate, NY Company Offers Industry Breakthrough Water Filtration System

Since the pandemic began, businesses around the world scurried to find new ways of being productive while deterring the spreading of germs to keep their employees and customers healthy. In fact, no words were repeatedly said in commercial locations and public places more than, “hands off” and “don’t touch!” 

Just one of the many problems that arose in the workplace was how to keep employees hydrated, and avoid germ-filled hands touching the water cooler. Asking the employees to wear disposable gloves was not a cost worthy nor efficient long term solution.

Challenges of the Pandemic Affect All Lines of Business

The brilliant team at Pure Planet Waters, a certified woman owned business enterprise (WBE), resonated with the challenges of the “hands off” issue. You see, they’ve been providing water filtration systems to their customers in Kings County for over a decade. But there’s good news. Pure Planet Waters has the latest and greatest solution to providing safer, healthier water that will lessen the spread of germs around the proverbial “water cooler.” 

The Solution: Pure Planet Waters offers touchless water filtration systems. 

How Do Touchless Water Filtration Systems Work?

A “no contact” sensor activates dispensing of water, so no touch is required when your employees need hydration. That means, the office water cooler can still be a place to share stories – just without sharing the germs.

Why is Hydrating Your Employees So Important?

Hydration not only improves your office environment, but it also enhances efficiency levels. Your employees will appreciate the gesture of providing water thereby staying happier and healthier on the job. Happy employees equal higher productivity and profits. Investing in a cutting-edge amenity like a touchless water purification system is a win-win in business.

Why Choose a Water Filtration System Rather Than Water Bottles?

Whether you are continually buying cases of individual bottled water or have a water cooler with a giant bottle that needs replacing every time it empties, you know there has to be a better and more affordable solution. Here are some benefits of a bottleless water filtration system:

What Type of Water Filtration System Should I Choose?

Pure Planet Waters offers non-contact, touchless dispensing solutions for every office setting. Models can be selected whether you are looking for moderate usage up to heavy usage. Fully touchless 9 stage water filtration system dispenses cold and hot water plus features technologically advanced sensors and antimicrobial surface protection. A 9 Stage advanced filtration technology removes impurities and delivers an endless flow of cleaner, great tasting water.

Be sure to evaluate the space you have dedicated for placement of the touchless water dispenser. Pure Planet Waters offers both freestanding systems and countertop systems. Standing models offer a comfortable, convenient height and large area for dispensing. Ice dispensers are also available – a more sanitary solution than traditional ice bins.

Do You Offer Systems with Electrolyte Infused Alkaline Water?

If you are looking to gain the health benefits of electrolytes in your water, Pure Planet Waters offers that option as well. In fact, all the technologically advanced systems from Pure Planet Waters are available with optional electrolyte enhanced alkaline water. Our high tech NSF certified Pure+ 5 multistage filter configuration produces the best tasting mineral infused electrolyte rich water in the industry.

What makes Pure Planet Waters the Best Water Filter System Service in Kings County?

The water filtration systems that Pure Planet Waters offers are not just any ordinary water coolers. These are cutting-edge, touchless machines that help prevent the spread of germs in the workplace. Even better, Pure Planet Waters is a locally owned company. We serve a large number of clients in Seagate, NY across all industries, including state agencies, universities, schools, childcare facilities, hospitals, studios, automotive dealerships and repair centers, supermarkets, non-profits, manufacturers and more. Unlike the big bottled water conglomerates, we care about each client. You are more than just an account number. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Are You Ready for a Water Filter System and Simply Smarter Water?

There is no better time than now to reevaluate your workplace hydration investment. Touchless water filtration systems are gamechangers. Pure Planet Waters is the only water filter system service you need in Seagate, NY. Check out our technologically advanced, fully touchless 9 stage water filtration system today. To learn more, call 516-588-7464 or visit https://www.pureplanetwaters.com today!

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