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Climate Friendly, Healthier Water At A Fraction of the Cost of Bottled!

Water Filter System In Bensonhurst

Water Purification System Offered in Bensonhurst, NY is the Solution to Hydrating Employees Safely 

Business owners in Kings County have more than enough business needs to take care of but none more important than the health and wellbeing of their dedicated employees during a pandemic. Avoiding the spreading of germs while keeping the staff hydrated has been difficult. If you didn’t already know, providing drinking water in the workplace is not only a thoughtful gesture but it is also a law. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires every workplace in the United States to provide drinking water to their employees.

Water Bottles are Not the Best Option for Workplace Hydration

Are you continually buying cases of individual water bottles? Or are you the person responsible for dragging the large 5 gallon, 42 pound jug out of the supply closet and to the break room water cooler? Either way, Pure Planet Waters has a better water filter system for businesses in Bensonhurst.

Here are some benefits of a bottleless water purification system:

Pure Planet Waters has the hydration solutions you need to take the stress out of keeping your workers hydrated on the job.

Touchless Water Dispensers – A Must-Have with Coronavirus Cases Still on the Rise

Pure Planet Waters offers touchless water purification systems.A “no contact” sensor activates dispensing of water, so no touch is required when your employees need hydration. Hands-free contact with the dispenser means less opportunity for germs to spread. Non-contact dispensing helps eliminate germ sharing at the water cooler. 

Drink Healthier Water

Advanced water purification technology provides better tasting, healthier water.

Pure Planet Waters says that the awkward “glurp glurp” sound that a bottled cooler makes is the sound of it taking in air from the room plus unhealthy airborne contaminants. With a non-contact, touchless dispensing solution from Pure Planet Waters, you won’t hear that unhealthy sound.

Pure Planet Waters Offers Solutions for Every Office Setting

A fully touchless 9 stage water purification system from Pure Planet Waters dispenses cold and hot water plus features technologically advanced sensors and antimicrobial surface protection. This 9 Stage advanced filtration technology removes impurities and delivers an endless flow of cleaner, great tasting water. You can select a model based on moderate to heavy usage, in freestanding or countertop systems. Standing systems are a convenient height with ample space for easy dispensing. Ice dispensers are also available – a germ-free solution to standard ice cube bins.

Electrolyte Infused Alkaline Water

If you are looking to gain the health benefits of electrolytes in your water, Pure Planet Waters offers that option as well. In fact, all the technologically advanced systems from Pure Planet Waters are available with optional electrolyte enhanced alkaline water. The high tech NSF certified Pure+ 5 multistage filter configuration produces the best tasting mineral infused electrolyte rich water in the industry.

Save Money

A water purification system from Pure Planet Waters is much more cost-effective than buying cases of plastic bottles. That means, you will provide unlimited cleaner and healthier water – one price, not per gallon, and no deposits. Rest assured, there are no hidden added fees and no fuel surcharges.

Do the Right Thing for the Environment

A water purification system from Pure Planet Waters is eco-friendly. Eliminating the needless production, delivery and disposal of the wasteful plastic bottles is a climate responsible decision. Fewer plastic bottles help improve the environment.

Pure Planet Waters Are Local Experts in Bensonhurst, NY

The expert team at Pure Planet Waters, a certified woman owned business enterprise (WBE), has offered water purification systems to customers in Kings County for more than ten years. Pure Planet Waters can help you provide safer, healthier water – a system to lessen the spread of germs around your source of water for employees.

Discover Why Other Local Businesses Turned to Pure Planet Waters for the Smartest Water Filter System Service in Kings County?

The water purification systems that Pure Planet Waters offers are cutting-edge, hand-free machines that help prevent the spread of germs in the workplace. Pure Planet Waters is a locally owned company serving the Bensonhurst, NY area. Your business neighbors have made the switch to Pure Planet Waters. This includes supermarkets, state agencies, hospitals, universities, schools, childcare facilities, automotive dealerships and repair centers, studios, non-profits, manufacturers and others.

This is the Ideal Time to Improve Your Workplace Hydration

Touchless water purification systems are an industry breakthrough and Pure Planet Waters is the best water filter system service in Bensonhurst, NY. Once you learn about the technologically advanced, fully touchless 9 stage water purification system, you’ll see why it’s the right product to solve your water purification issues in the workplace. The office water cooler can return to the place to share stories – not germs. Don’t wait, call 516-588-7464 or visit https://www.pureplanetwaters.com today!

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