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Why You Need a Filtered Water Dispenser in Valley Stream, NY

Are you wondering why you need a filtered water dispenser in Valley Stream, NY? There are plenty of reasons to have this appliance in your home. First of all, you’re always sure to have fresh, clean water in Nassau. However, there are many other reasons to consider having one of your units in your kitchen.

If you’re considering buying one soon, make sure to read this article. You’ll get all of the details you need, letting you know exactly what benefits are there for you. Filtered water dispensers provide the cleanest drinking water in the area- here’s why you should buy one!

We Offer the Best Filters

At Pure Planet Waters, we offer some of the best water filter systems around. Our filter removes bacteria, chemicals, and biological contaminants from the water. The system uses nine filters, so you can be certain that the water is fully clean before you drink it.

The advanced water filtration systems that we use provide cleaner water than the stuff you get out of your tap. With the methods we use, our water comes out even cleaner than what you receive in a package of water bottles.

If you’re looking for the freshest tasting water, then you should make sure to choose one of our water units. We ensure that you always have healthy water to drink. 

Why You Need a Water Filter

There are plenty of reasons to get a water dispenser in Valley Stream, NY. You get clean drinking water, have easy access to warm water, and won’t spend money on water bottles. However, there are also different reasons as to why you should get a filtered water dispenser instead.

Have Safer Drinking Water

By installing one of our machines, you’ll always have access to safe drinking water. Tap water can contain many different contaminants. Plus, water treatment facilities add chemicals to the water. Our filters will remove all of these impurities from the water.

Many people living in Nassau appreciate this main benefit. Plus, water in the area doesn’t always taste great- our filtered water is fresh and has a pleasant taste in comparison.

Avoid Reactions to Tap Water

Some of the metals or chemicals in tap water can lead to skin conditions, usually in children. If you or your family members are experiencing eczema or psoriasis, changing to a water dispenser might make all the difference.

Overall, you’ll want to consider it as an option. Our filter removes the impurities that can lead to reactions, making it a better alternative for households over tap water.

Save Money

Having one of our filtered water units at home helps you to save money. If you buy a large pack of water bottles each week, you’ll be saving tons of money. It doesn’t take long for the installation cost to be met in savings- so you’re going to benefit from having one at home.

You’ll also get to drink the water that you’re already paying for every month- but in a purified state. The machines connect right to your home’s water system, giving you an endless source of fresh water. This also means that you won’t have to worry about paying for the large bottles that connect to other brands of water dispensers.

Better Tasting Water

When drinking filtered water, it’s going to taste much better than Nassau tap water. Our filters take out impurities that cause drinking water to have an unpleasant taste. The filters remove lead, chlorine, bacteria, and other chemicals.

Overall, you and your family are sure to appreciate having a water filter dispenser at home. Your drinking water will taste much better and the recipes you use with it will too.

Easy Access to Clean Drinking Water

On top of all that, you have an easy to reach source of clean drinking water right in your home. Making sure that you’re drinking enough water every day is part of being healthy. You won’t be as likely to reach for sugary drinks when the filter dispenser is right there in the kitchen.

If you need a more convenient way to drink water, this is it! With one of our water dispensers in the home, you’re sure to find it much more convenient to drink water during the day. It’s simple to put a cup under the machine and wait for it to pour out water for you. Because it’s so easy to use, the machine will be used more often than sugary drinks.

We Have Great Designs

Finally, you’ll have plenty of great designs to choose from when browsing through all of our options. Our water dispenser units are all very stylish and sleek. The units that we have available are sure to match any interior design you happen to have in your home. We recommend that you browse through all of our water dispenser options when you have a chance. 

We have plenty of choices for those living in Valley Stream, NY. If you’re having trouble choosing, we’re always available to assist you in picking a new water dispenser.

Our Filters are Easy to Maintain

Finally, all of our water filters are easy to maintain. You won’t need to change them very often and when you do, it’s very easy to finish the process on your own. Overall, we always make sure that our designs are simple to maintain.

Learn More About Filtered Water Dispensers

Do you want to learn more about the products that we have to offer? Make sure to contact our Valley Stream, NY office at 516-588-7464. We’ll answer your questions and make sure that you’re taken care of.

Overall, it’s better to drink filtered water than it is to drink from the tap. You’ll want to make this switch sooner rather than later, so your health doesn’t start to suffer. You’ll also notice a big difference in taste and the quality of your water after switching.

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